Phore Library: Package Overview

Why another library? Popular PHP Frameworks are monoliths. You need months to fully understand what happens behind the scenes. And they are build for thousdands of application-types, mostly for CMS and E-Commerce purpose. Although you only need a very small amount of functionality, you have to deal with all of it when it comes to security or debugging. We build loosely coupled packages that do no more than they should do.

Most parts are written for large scale stateless clustered microservices demanded by big-data, infrastructural, IoT environments.

See the core concepts page for more information.

General Usage / Installation

All packages are build to be installed using composer and work inside Docker-Containers.

composer require phore/core

Send http requests the microservice way phore/http-client

Project page

phore/http-client is a core library when doing microservices. This library is used whenever one microservice connects to another. You’ll save yourself a lot of time looking at the rich examples.

This script will load the html-contents of a remote url. It is a wrapper around the popular cURL library.

Basic Example

echo phore_http_request("")->send()->getBody();

Extended example

try {
    $response = phore_http_request("http://server.tld/{param}/load", ["param" => "some unencoded string"])
        ->withPostBody(["some"=>"data"])                // Set Request-Method to POST and attach parameter as JSON Data
        ->withQueryParams(["param1"=>"value1"])         // Append ?param1=value1 to the URL
} catch (PhoreHttpRequestException $e) {
    // Catch HTTP Error Response types
    echo "Error: $e->getCode() returned. $e->getResponse()->getBody()";
$data = $response->getBodyJson();                       // Parse the JSON Body

Other features:

Sending mail with templates phore/mail

Project page

A wrapper around the famous PHPMailer library combining it with the powerful and secure TextTemplate template system.

Basic example

$mailer = new PhoreMailer();

Fluent HTML templating phore/html

Project page

Plain-text html is a pain. phore/html is a fluent api for generating fast and secure pages.

Basic example

echo fhtml("div @class=some_class @style=display:none");
<div class="some_class" style="display:none"></div>

Complex example

$p = fhtml(["div @class=text" => ["b" => "some text here"]])
$p["div"] = [
    "a @href=http://link.tld" => "Click here"
<div class="text">
    <b>some text here</b>
        <a href="http://link.tld">Click here</a>

  • Auto-Escaping
  • Altering documents

Execute system commands phore/system

Project page

exec(), system(), passthrou(), popen() are very dangerous and complex functions when dealing with user-data. This library makes usage easy and helps escaping the phore escaping system.

Basic example

echo phore_exec("ls -l :path", ["path" => "unescapedFilename"]);

Complex example

try {
    $result = phore_proc("ls -l :path", ["path" => "unescapedFilename"])->wait();
    echo "Stdout: " . $result->getSTDOUTContents();
    echo "StdErr: " . $result->getSTDERRContents();
} catch (\Exception $e) {
  • Accessing STDIN/STDERR
  • Stream reading
  • Executing parallel commands

Manage git repositories phore/vcs

Project page

A wrapper around the git command to push/pull/commit repositories using ssh-auth.

Basic example

$vcsFactory = new VcsFactory();
$repository = $vcsFactory->repository("/tmp/repo", "");
$repository->commit("my commit message here");

Microservice application phore/micro-app

Project page

A small microservice / container ready framework.

A skeleton project exists for kickstart. Run ./ skel install php-app-base to install a out of the box base application with kickstart.

  • Routing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Content Handling
  • Access Control lists
  • Error Handling
  • Events

Core functions phore/core

Project page

A project with libraries used by other packages. You should know the basics of this project

phore_out([string $msg, [$return=false]])

Simple logging function. Alternative to echo.

phore_pluck(mixed $key, mixed $input [, $default])

Tiered of doing if(isset())- constructs when parsing structs? phore_pluck() returns the value of the data-path specified in $key. If path was not found, it returns $default. (See Concepts: $default)

$data = ["some"=>["path"=>"data"]];
assert( "data" === phore_pluck("some.path", $data) );
  • startsWith() : bool: Check if string starts with an other string
  • endsWith() : bool: Check if a string ends with an other string
  • phore_random_str() : string: Generate encyption-grade random string
  • phore_text_unindent() : string: Unindent a text
  • phore_array_transform() : array: Transform input array to another array
  • phore_escape() : string: The phore flexible escaping api.
  • phore_json_pretty_print(): Print json-string pretty formated
  • phore_json_encode($input) : string: Encode data to json
  • phore_json_decode(string $input) : array: Decode json string or throw exception


  • PhoreException: Phore internal Exception
    • InvalidDataException: Should be thrown if user input is invalid
    • NotFoundException: Thrown if a key/entity/file was not found