Project Overview

On this page you find all projects currently maintained by infracamp.

Kickstart containers

Kickstart Flavors moved to nfra-project! Please see the dedicated website for new versions

Intermediate containers help speeding up build and deployment times. Infracamp provides containers for PHP, NodeJs, C++, Jekyll, Python. They are available on dockerhub and build daily, weekly and with long time support.

Speed up builds and deployments with intermediate-containers. Dockers overlay-fs will download images specified in from:-sections of Dockerfiles only once. It is common practice to install software used across multiple services using ‘intermediate-containers’. Kickstart flavors are publicly maintained intermediates on steroids for various platforms, languages and frameworks.

See the getting-started guide on how to start your projects using these base-containers.


Platform: x86 (IBM-PC)
kickstart-flavor-gaia PHP7.2, Apache
kickstart-flavor-erebos NodeJS
kickstart-flavor-jekyll Jekyll Websites (Github Pages)
kickstart-flavor-py3 Python3
kickstart-flavor-sdi Terraform, gcloud, awscli, azure-cli
Platform: arm32v7 (e.g. Raspberry Pi) Best practice arm32
kickstart-flavor-arm32v7-php7 PHP7.2, Apache2

KasimirJS Browser Libraries

Independent libraries with no dependencies for developing awesome Browser side applications.

  • Pure ES6 libraries build on web-components supported by modern Browsers
  • See it in action on our KasimirJS Project Page


General libraries
kasimir-tpl VanillaJS Template Library
kasimir-form VanillaJS Form Data Access Library
kasimir-http-request Ajax requests made easy

Phore PHP7 libraries

Independent libraries with less dependencies. Phore libraries do what the should. No more.

Most parts are written for large scale stateless clustered microservices demanded by big-data, infrastructural, IoT environments.

See the core concepts page for more information.


General libraries
core Core library
filesystem OOP Filesystem access
system exec()/system() wrapper
log PSR14 compliant logging library
http-client Send http requrests
hydrator hydrate user data into objects and validate structure
mail template engine for sending mails
Cloud native libraries
objectstore Generic for gcloud, aws, azure
scheduler Microservice process scheduler
cache PSR compliant caching
sock-server Server listening on UDP sockets (e.g. syslog)
HTML Rapid application development
html Fluent html templating engine
micro-app Micoservice framework
status-page Extension to build CoreUI admin pages
app-oauth OAuth2 authentication module
theme-bootstrap Bootstap theme
theme-coreui CoreUI theme
Various features
cloudtool cli-tool to configure containers
vcs Git objectstore
flash OAuth2 authentication module

Rudl GitOps Cluster Management

DevOps containers to spin up and manage Docker Swarm and Kubernetes Clusters from git repositories.


rudl-metrics Metrics frontend
rudl-agent Metrics agent
rudl-cloudfront Nginx cloudfront
rudl-principal Manager service

Application containers

infracamp/mrcron Mr. Cron Cloud native command scheduler
infracamp/mailtainer A GitOps SMTP/IMAP Server with spam/antivirus

Development Tools

Name Description
cloudia Cloud Infrastructur Automatation tool

Working Documents

Name Description
Doc-da-doc How to write documentation
UserStories How to do user stories
Provision Docker Swarm on GCP How to do user stories