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Introducing: KasimirJS - VanillaJS Browser-Side Libraries new javascript html

KasimirJS is a new project focusing on replacing monolythic frameworks like Angular or React by a browser native set of small libraries. KasimirJS uses modern browsers WebComponents for rendering templates supporting loops, conditions. (14 Apr 2020)

PHP 7.4 Released! kickstart-flavor-gaia:7.4-experimental is ready for testing new php 7.4

Today PHP7.4 was released. And we are proud to present the the freshly build kickstart-flavor container ready for download. Please test and report bugs. The stable kickstart-flavor version will be available on December 12, 2019. (28 Nov 2019)

Syslog (UDP) / Logstash / ES / Kibana - Metrics IaC DevSecOps

ES7.4: Using Lostash input filter 'syslog' to analyze (e.g. nginx, apache, ...) logs. Using json syslog format in rfc3164 instead of combined log. Set up indexes, test the pipeline. PHP syslog script to test RFC3164 UDP syslog. (15 Oct 2019)

Automated Swarm Provisioning on GCP docker cloud IaS IaC DevSecOps

Using `docker-machine`, we can provision a multi-node docker-swarm cluster on gpc within few seconds. This article covers spinning up a stateless docker swarm with manager, worker and storage nodes and deploying a cloudfront. Just by executing one shell script. So we can spin up new clusters daily instead of updating existing ones. (13 Oct 2019)

User Stories: Getting Agile Started agile

Developing IT products is an exciting task. Technology is complex. And product design is about to understand your customers and anticipate their needs exactly. (05 Oct 2019)
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