Kickstart Windows Setup

This document covers

  • Setup kickstart develompent environment on Windows10

Setup Windows 10 workstation

This document assumes you have your project located in drive C:.


Required Options in Docker for Windows

  • Open Docker for Windows settings
    • Expose docker deamon
      1. Go to General settings
      2. To expose the docker deamon enable the marked option in the picture below docker deamon expose
    • Enable fileshare in docker
      1. Go to Resources open the Subsetting File Sharing
      2. Mark all windows drives you want to share with docker like in the image shown below docker fileshare

Configure the ubuntu shell

  • Open the command line pompt and enter bash to enter the ubuntu shell

  • If you see you are logged in as user root, you need to create a unprivileged user account inside the shell. Therefor execute:
    • Create a new user account inside the ubuntu shell and give it administrative privileges to run sudo:
      adduser <username>
      usermod -aG sudo <username>
    • Exit the ubuntu shell and set the default username by running:
      ubuntu config --default-user <username>
    • Run bash again: You should now be logged in as user
  • You’re now in the ubuntu bash. Enter the following lines to configure kickstart for windows:
    sudo apt update && upgrade
    sudo apt install
    echo "export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://" >> ~/.kickstartconfig
    echo "export KICKSTART_WIN_PATH=C:/" >> ~/.kickstartconfig

    You will find your C:/ drive under /mnt/c.


Go back to getting started guide and follow the instructions.

Frequent problems / solutions:

  • Kickstart complains about /opt beeing empty

    This indicates, docker-daemon has no access to you local drive or your KICKSTART_WIN_PATH is not set correctly.

    Solution: Open Docker for Windows. Go to Resources > File sharing. Remove all drives and add them again. You will be asked for your password. Access should be working right after.

  • Kickstart complains about ports beeing already in use

    Kickstart normally requires ports 80,4000,4100,4200 not to be assigned already. Use netstat -ab on the windows shell to investigate the programs using these ports.